Don Rosa Library HC 08 Escape From Forbidden Valley

390,00 kr

Don Rosa Library HC 08 Escape From Forbidden Valley

  • ISBN: 9781683960539
  • 2 ex i lager
  • Förlag: Fantagraphics
av: Don Rosa
In search of rare Amazonian nutmegs, Scrooge and Donald approach deadly Forbidden Valley... a lost world of live dinosaurs whom Donald once stampeded! Now the long-suffering locals get revenge by throwing Donald in with the dinos--and only Scrooge can save him from becoming a Jurassic blue-plate special! It's Fantagraphics' eighth complete book of Duck adventures by Don Rosa!

Don Rosa, among the world's most beloved modern cartoonists, launched his Carl Barks-inspired comics career in 1987. Famed for his prizewinning "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" (Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, 1995: Best Serialized Story), Rosa wrote and drew a whopping two decades' worth of ripping Scrooge and Donald yarns!

And "Escape from Forbidden Valley" is just the start! In "The Quest for Kalevala," Scrooge, Gyro, and Magica De Spell hunt for a legendary gold-making machine... and in "The Black Knight," master thief Arpin Lusene arrives to rob Scrooge's money bin -- or destroy it!

Presented in brilliant color and a treasure trove of Rosa's cover art and behind-the-scenes factoids, these Duckburg epics are back in a definitive, comprehensive edition for posterity--at a bargain price worthy of Scrooge himself!
Ung. sidantal: 208
Färg/svart-vitt: Färg
Format: Större albumformat
Språk: Engelska
Läsriktning: Västerländsk
Taggar: Komisk äventyrsserie

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