Warship Jolly Roger Bk 02 Revenge

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Warship Jolly Roger Bk 02 Revenge

  • ISBN: 9781942367420
  • 2 ex i lager
  • Förlag: Lion Forge
av: Sylvain Runberg, Miquel Montllo
In a gritty, star-spanning future, where mankind has colonized planets throughout the galaxy, former Confederation Commander Jon T. Munro was serving a life sentence for a war crime he was forced to commit. When a prison break runs amok, however, he seizes the opportunity to escape with a ragtag team of cons to form a small crew of pirates with one goal in mind: vengeful justice. And the first step in their plan is to steal the battle cruiser he once commanded, a state-of-the-art warship they call "The Jolly Roger".

A visually stunning sci-fi adventure, written by Sylvain Runberg (Millennium), with breathtaking artwork by Miquel Montllo, this epic tale of space pirates and political intrigue combines the emotional depth and excitement of sci-fi favorites such as "Battlestar Galactica" and "Starship Troopers", with a visual style that leaps off the page like an animated feature film.

This second volume concludes the four-chapter tale of revenge (volume one contained the first two chapters), as each of the four lead anti-heroes are revealed for the broken individuals they are, secretly desperate for redemption, no matter the cost.
Ung. sidantal: 120
Färg/svart-vitt: Färg
Format: Europeiskt albumformat
Språk: Engelska
Läsriktning: Västerländsk
Taggar: SF, Äventyr, Pirater

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