Sailor Moon Short Stories Bk 1

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Sailor Moon Short Stories Bk 1

  • ISBN: 9781612624426
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  • Förlag: Kodansha
av: Naoko Takeuchi
In this first of two collections of short stories, we find our favorite Sailor Guardians and their friends encountering new mysteries, enemies, allies, and once more saving the day. After the daughter of a foreign diplomat transfers to her school, Chibi-Usa's male classmates suspiciously stop attending classes. Upon investigation, Chibi-Usa discovers the new transfer student is a vampire! Mamoru's birthday gift to Chibi-Usa turns out to be the brainwashing device of a depressed folk tale heroine come-to-life, seeking sympathy from fellow women and girls! Chibi-Usa's Pink Sugar Heart Attack becomes literal when defeating a local sprite that has possessed the dentist she and Usagi visit to get their cavities treated. Then, other local sprites wreak havoc in the lives of Mako, Ami, and Rei as they and Mina and Usagi study for high school entrance exams. Finally, Chibi-Usa and her newfound BFF's help out the quirky proprietor of a mysterious pawnshop that is under attack by both human and otherworldly entities!

1993 erhoell Sailor Moon Kodanshas Mangapris som baesta shoujo-manga.
Ung. sidantal: 240
Färg/svart-vitt: Svart-vitt
Format: Mangapocket
Språk: Engelska
Läsriktning: Japansk
Taggar: Magi, Romantik, Äventyr

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