Sweet Regard

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Sweet Regard

  • ISBN: 9781569705643
  • 1 ex i lager
  • Förlag: Juné
av: Juji Fusa
It had already been eight years since he and I first met. My sister's much younger than me, but he was even younger. "How could I give my precious sister to such a child?" I thought. But though I was against it, the two of them married, and then my dearest sister suddenly died...

Tormented by the grief of having lost everything, and by hellish sadness, I was saved by he whom I should have hated most. The time we spent together quickly filled the void between us. Before we knew it a feeling neither of us could admit had blossomed.

The moment our lips touched I felt like crying. I was so unsteady my body shook. But when I touched the tip of his tongue my hesitation disappeared.

Ung. sidantal: 200
Färg/svart-vitt: Svart-vit
Format: Storpocket
Språk: Engelska
Läsriktning: Japansk

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